Vampire business

As of 11pm last night I am DONE with all my commissions for the annual vampire ball! Hurray!

I'll post pics of the other stuff next week after the ball takes place, but this one I snapped a few shots of before the buyer can come pick it up.

I'd like you to meet the most precarious dress I have EVER made. Seriously, it's held together by string and a dream.


Now I can use this week to wrap up errand running and laundering and actually going to the gym again! YAY, I have my life back for a week!!

A post from the brave little tailor

Things of doing:

I'm making pretties for The Portland Vampire Ball for 4 people:

-A black victorian mourning style dress
-A black/white stripe skirt & black polonaise with pink button trim (can you guess who for? hee!)
-A mens waistcoat to match his wife
-A Queen of Tarts, I mean HEARTS dress based on Elizabethan design

Things of did:

I featured some of my clothes from the steampunk inspired line at an Abney Park show in Seattle, which was so so. The event itself was great, but I wasn't focused enough to get psyched or get my models psyched/prepared. I was only capable of dressing people and sitting around. I was pretty displeased with my performance overall. The models did a great job, though, in spite of it all, but I have super professional models, so I'm blessed in that respect.

I still have my day job, even after layoffs in the apparel design/development world at large, which is grand, but leaves me with even less time to work on my own designs, commissions, fashion shows, and photoshoot wardrobing.

I'll post pics as I finish the things of doing!

Unhallowed Necropolis and other updates

Robert got to sneak a peek at the latest proofs for the next book in the Unhallowed Metropolis series. It will be released in the Spring and I'm so excited to see how it turns out. Several of the shoots were outfitted with Dark Industry clothing, and feature several of my closest friends/models. There will be quite a few illustrations in there from Robert (which rock!), and it's just going to be so badass to get published (I'm not really counting my one-liner in Gothic Beauty from the Vampire Ball feature).

Speaking of Vampire Ball. I've got 2-3 solid orders for the next VMB end of March. I'll be focusing on these after the holidays, so won't be taking on anything else. The list gets shunted once again for a big event (it always does!). We'll see how my Convergence 15 schedule goes! I will most likely not be going to Convergence, but will be at the VMB. I can't decide if I can squeeze in making something for myself or if I'll just buy from Retroscope (which I highly recommend for great product and decent prices!)

In Gothique news: we have no news. Our crew hasn't met or even spoken about it because the holidays are what they are, and we can't seem to mesh. It is to be expected.

If I make clothes for you in the next year, be prepared for me to call upon you for modeling them in Gothique if/when it happens...you have been warned.


So, the torch (or manila folder, as it were) has been passed onto yours truly for the once popular Gothique fashion show.

If I randomly contact you about booking, promotion, bands, begging for money; that might be why ;)


Asian influence, a couple things of note

For me: Note to self - if you get a chance, visit Sham Shui Po for fabric shopping when you're in Hong Kong in August. It's a little bit out of the way, but that's what public transport is for, right? Cabs are cheap too, if you can score a card with the address you need written in Chinese. P.S. Grow some balls. You left your hotel room last trip all by yourself, you can manage going to a new district. Be sure to check with your associates in HK first, though, just in case it's a place where you might need an escort.

For everyone: If you're interested in historical fashion The Kyoto Costume Institute is the only museum in Japan that specializes in the study of non-Japanese dress, the collection at the KCI highlights the integration of western style into Japanese culture. The KCI has one of the world's most extensive collections of western fashions, jewellery, shoes, handbags and hair ornaments with more than 10,000 items dating from the 18th century to the present.
And since most of us don't get to go to Japan, they have a website with some images: http://www.kci.or.jp/archives/da_popup/index_e.html

Very inspiring

Madame Designer

La Mode Macabre photos

Here's a taste of the show. I should be getting more photos rolling in and others can also be found on my myspace

The loose theme of La Mode Macabre was "The Devil's Opium Den" so I added hits of red in almost everything to represent that and used Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds "Red Right Hand" as the music as it also can pertain to the devil. This may have been lost in translation, but I like to have a little something to tie it all together.

Group shot L-R: Back Row - Josie, Deirdre, Michael, Kirsten / Front Row - Katie, Jessica

Collapse )

Great show!!

La Mode Macabre went splendidly after much fretting and hand wringing

Thank you's!!

My lovely models. Who kicked so much ass doing complicated choreography totally on the fly. I expect so much, and get my expectations exceded everytime!

misspii - Burgundy frilly dicky, black vest, black corsetted mermaid skirt (hat by Noxenlux)

kirsten kat ( http://www.myspace.com/kirsten_kat ) - White frilly dicky, black zip front jacket with garter belt attachments, rivet front bustled skirt

josienutter - Burgundy corset, bustled skirt, wool opera-length "gloves", and wool posture collar

evillinn - Burgundy puff-sleeve top, black braced corset, and mermaid skirt with zipper trim

and of course, our rouge gentleman

avisionaire - Black leather tailcoat, grey waistcoat, white shirt, black short-pants

And a special thanks to my stage helper/manager daystars

Thanks again, korina_morella, for making me a part of your show!!

I'll do a big 'ol post mortem a little later, perhaps


Another one bites the dust

Here's a shot of a completed outfit that I finished today...only 4 more to go! (and 2 weeks, eeep!)

No worries, though.

In other news, I made a pair of pants that wouldn't fit an anorexic 12 year old...so...I scrapped that idea for this show and I'll just have my model wear a skirt I've shown before. It kinda sucks that I have to start over on those pants, but there's just no way I can do that in time, so...another time...the pattern is solid, I'm just not educated enough for fabrics containing minor amounts of stretch, I always think they're going to stretch more than they do :/

My only regret

I'm so mad I didn't do a "before" shot of this coat, because man, I bought the ugliest women's leather coat with raglan sleeves and excessively large shoulderpads from Goodwill for $10. This was all so I wouldn't have to buy fresh leather from the leather store to make a coat that would probably only be worn for runway and photos.

I'll have to buy some snaps because I realized I'm out, bummer :/ But here it is, sans any kind of closures

It's my first go at leather, which isn't that different from PVC or vinyl. Sew once, or put up with holes...and this baby has a lot of holes...
My friend Kim identified it as goat leather, and it's very soft and kinda drapey, so I backed every piece with medium weight poplin. The inside is a mess, I didn't finish a single seam, and many of them just don't match at all...but I think that's kind of what I was going for. He's a vagabond, not a gentleman.
I think Michael will look smashing in it...
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